The open-source Google Android OS attracting big cellphone manufacturers

The open-source Google Android OS attracting big cellphone manufacturers

That the Google Android operating system has been successful in attracting significantly more applications for consumers in its first year vis-à-vis what the Windows Mobile has achieved in nearly ten years, is quite evident from the fact that the Android has essentially won over some of the biggest cellphone manufacturers in the world!

With Android-based phones emerging as the closest rivals of the popular Apple iPhone, it is clear that leading carriers have realized that the Google OS offers them some extremely notable alternatives that give them a big advantage in distinguishing their services from those of their smartphone market rivals.

Since Android is primarily an open-source operating system that can be customized, the Open Handset Alliance that backs Android can influence the code standards for reflecting the requirements of its members. This characteristic feature of the Android helps carriers in deciding the kind of user-interface layer they intend offering over and above the basic operating system.

Commenting on the growing appeal of Android, Android currently supports only 1.8 percent of smartphones worldwide, Cole Brodman – the chief development officer of T-Mobile, the pioneer in Android-based phones – said: “A lot of manufacturers are walking into our office and talking about how important Android is becoming to them.”

Cole further said: “Android is ramping with more manufacturers and more price points. It is going to have a pretty significant impact.”