WHO Study Links Brain Tumors to Cell Phone

Brain Tumors to Cell Phone

British researchers warn that long-term cell phone users face a higher risk f developing brain tumors at a later stage in life.

The Daily Telegraph said that risks were identified in a landmark decade-long study by the world Health Organization.

Elisabeth Cardis, the head of the study told the Telegraph, said that in a survey involving 12,8000 people in 13 countries, it was found that a “significantly increased risk” of brain tumors among people who had used cell phones for 10 years or longer.

Cardis added that the use of cell phones should be reduced, though she does not imply banning the use of cell phones for children because of their importance in emergency situations and in helping parents knowing the whereabouts of their kids.

The use should be moderated by adults and direct contact with the device should be minimized with the use of wireless ear devices, headsets and other hands-free options.

The Mobile Operators Association’s representative said that more than 30 other scientific surveys found no adverse health effects by the use of cell phones.