Microsoft's MSN and MySpace reportedly in ‘early’ talks about music tie-up

Microsoft and MySpace

According to the information forwarded by the sources in-the-know at Microsoft and MySpace, the two companies are involved in 'early' talks pertaining to the use of MySpace Music - the social-networking site's music service - to help boost the Microsoft's MSN music service.

Though MySpace Music is more interactive vis-à-vis the MSN, both the services essentially offer similar music services, including music downloads, playback of tunes, commercial music videos, and information about concert appearances.

In addition, while MSN Music features content like music blogs and photo galleries; MySpace Music features highly trafficked user forums for groupings like acoustic and metal, along with a karaoke section that enables Web visitors to post videos of their own musical performances.

With MSN reportedly planning to undertake a major overhaul, music is one area where it needs to put extra focus, and MySpace Music can be a great help for the company - more so as, going by the comScore April data, MSN ranked sixth with 7.4 million unique monthly visitors, while MySpace Music ranked a close second, behind AOL Music.

From MySpace's point of view, a team-up with MSN - which probably will include licensing of content and other services related to music - will help MySpace Music seek additional traffic, as the MSN main page is among one of the most trafficked sites on the Web.