Windows Mobile 6.5 update to get capacitive touch, new keyboard

Windows Mobile 6.5

In an attempt to give its Windows Mobile platform a more competitive edge to match up with the other ‘user-friendlier’ operating systems in the market, Microsoft is planning to update its last- month launched Windows Mobile 6.5 with a new keyboard and capacitive touchscreen.

The move to update Windows Mobile 6.5 clearly indicates that though the current OS is essentially a stopgap arrangement in the interim period to the launch of the eagerly-awaited next version of the OS, the Windows Mobile 7, in the next year second-half, Microsoft is still endeavoring to keep its platform an attractive alternative for the consumers.

Going by a recent discovery by XDA forum members, a test build of the Windows Mobile has a completely overhauled keyboard. In comparison to the original PDA-and-stylus-specific Windows Mobile keyboard, the new version supports bigger keys to facilitate finger input, and diverse layouts for certain contextual situations, including a number pad and directional pad when the alphabet is not needed.

The proposed changes reflect Microsoft’s uneasiness due to the lack of finger-ready touch support for the Windows Mobile – a deficit due to which multiple phone builders have started developing their own interfaces; thereby expunging most of Microsoft’s interface.

Further, the lack of capacitive touch support has apparently led to the downplaying of the Windows Mobile by companies like Acer, HTC and Motorola.