Chrome Extensions to be officially launched by Google Next Week

Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions site was introduced by Google some weeks back, right after various hints that pooped up about a complete push for extension support in the browser. That bit, however, was only meant to serve extension developers who were also allowed to upload their developments to Google. But the company did promise that end users who are looking for Chrome extensions would "soon" be served.

Next week, it has been reported, Google will fulfill its promise and launch Chrome Extensions for its popular browser. There are good chances that the company will introduce its Extensions Gallery for Chrome during the estimated time as it will coincide with the Add-on-Con 09, a conference devoted to browser add-ons, which is scheduled for next Friday.

The Gallery is expected to be more like the Chrome Themes Gallery, and will basically be a page listing some extensions and a one-click download button for users. Experts are pegging that there will also be "a link to learn more about what each extension actually does".

Google is reportedly targeting to hit at least 10% share in the browsers market, and the upcoming Google Chrome extensions are crucial for it. Experts have revealed that the availability of extensions is the one reason which has put Firefox much ahead of once popular Internet Explorer.