LG Unveils GW990 Smartphone with Intel's Moorestown Platform

LG Unveils GW990 Smartphone with Intel's Moorestown Platform

Yesterday, at the Consumer Electronics Show, LG surprised everyone by taking the wraps off its latest smartphone, the GW990, the first ever device designed to run on Intel's Moorestown platform, which makes the use of Intel's Moblin Linux operating system.

The GW990 is one smartphone which seems to be seriously aiming at blurring the line that separates smartphones from portable computers, and it is much huger than other mobile devices available in the market. It has a 4.8 inch, 1024x480 display, and boasts about 4 hours of talk-time and 300 hours of standby period.

The camera is a 5MP one on the back of the device.

What is, however, very unique about the GW990 is its platform, Intel's Moblin, a Linux variant whose interface is a bit similar to Android. Moblin has been taken further by LG with its S-Class user interface, which has large, colorful lines of icons which offer some 3D effect. Also, the handset has the ability to effectively multi-task, thanks to the Intel Atom CPU.

Korean markets will be hit with the GW990 somewhere in the later half of the year, and no plans of brining the phone to the US have been shared yet.