FUELL’s Fllow electric motorcycle available for pre-order with $200 deposit

Fuell buell ebike

Fuell buell ebike

FUELL, an electric motorcycle brand announced by industry legend Erik Buell back in early 2019, has started accepting reservation orders for the futuristic elegantly designed Fllow electric motorcycle.

Designed keeping the city in mind range and charge time, the FUELL Fllow electric motorcycle boasts elegant design, impressive urban range up to 150 miles (roughly 241 km), quick acceleration and fast charging that replenishes the 10-kWh battery pack within half an hour.

According to the manufacturer’s claims, the FUELL Fllow takes just 2.7 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), which is significantly better than acceleration of several leading electric motorcycles, such as the LiveWire One. At 85 mph (137 km/h), the commuter-class electric bike isn’t as fast as most flagship electric motorcycles of these days. Still, its top speed is quite satisfactory. The powertrain of the e-bike has advanced technology with proprietary electric wheel motor. Power of the electric motor has been rated at 47 hp continuous (Fllow-1S) and 15 hp continuous (Fllow-1), while torque peaks at 750 Nm (553lb-ft).

The aforementioned acceleration and top speed become more striking when we take the upcoming electric two-wheeler’s weigh of 180 kg (396 pounds) into consideration.

Two versions of the e-bike will be made available: 11 kW model and a 35 kW model. In European countries, the 11 kW model will be eligible for reduce license requirements.

Speaking high of the e-bike, FUELL states, “The Fllow has numerous innovations like the exclusive wheel motor, the connected dashboard, and 50 liters of storage. It is designed to evolve with technological progress. The modular design allows for easy upgrades of the battery, the wheel motor, and the charging system.”

The compact motor is an axial transverse flux hub motor that saves sufficient room in the bike’s frame for bigger battery and additional storage space. Above the battery, there is a spacious cargo compartment that can easily accommodate a helmet.

Moreover, Fllow has a modular design, which allows it to be upgraded. The battery pack, the rear-wheel motor, and the fast charging socket can be upgraded as per preferences of the buyer.

The FUELL Fllow electric motorcycle is now available to be pre-ordered with a deposit of $200. The target price of the base version of the upcoming electric two-wheeler is US$11,995, which marks a modest increase from the target price of $10,995 that was originally announced in 2019.

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