Britons Consuming too much Salt: Study

Britons Consuming too much Salt: Study

The pie and mash meals served by Wetherspoon’s might be a lot unhealthier than they look. Apparently, a recently conducted survey has revealed that both of these menu items happen to contain excessive salts with the saltiest containing as much as 15 packets of crisps.

It needs to be pointed out that high consumption of salt can lead to people suffering high blood pressure, premature death and strokes. Health experts recommend people to consume only 6 grams of salt everyday, but an average male adult ends up eating 10 grams of salt daily.

According to the study, chicken and mushroom pie served with additions contains around 7.5 grams of salt. Researchers found that the mash and gravy doubled a person’s salt content consumption.

If looked at statistics, lamb and mint pie alone contain 2.4 grams of salt; however, the mash and gravy add another 3 grams of salt.

The study was carried out by the health advocacy group, Cash – Consensus Action on Salt and Health. It had carried out an evaluation of 526 pie, mash and gravy products bought from pub chains, cafes and takeaways. It was also reported that salt levels in the pies sold by supermarkets were less, but there was a lot of variation in salt levels.

Professor Graham MacGregor, of Cardiovascular Medicine, The Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine, said: “Cutting men’s salt intake from the current 10g a day to the recommended maximum of 6g a day could reduce their risk of having a stroke by up to 20 per cent and of having a heart attack by up to 12 per cent”.

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