Google collaborates with Rackspace to snatch Intel’s share in data centers market

On Wednesday, Alphabet Inc.'s Google said that it has collaborated with Rackspace Hosting Inc., in order to develop a data center server that will run on a new IBM OpenPower chip rather than Intel processors. The new IBM OpenPower chip is known as Power9.

The company also claimed that it has built software which will let it use OpenPower chips from IBM Corp. to run computer servers at its massive data centers.

To provide other companies the option to build their own data centers with the same technique, Google will provide final design of the project through Facebook Inc.'s Open Compute Project.

Currently the tech giant is working with Qualcomm Inc. to assess ARM-designed chips for its data centres.

According to a senior director of Infrastructure at Google, Gordon MacKean, Google has not switched to servers running on OpenPower chips, or to processors based on designs by ARM Holdings Plc, but Google is now ready for a day when it makes sense to migrate.

Intel spokesman, Mark Mille said that they continue to be great partners and work closely with both Google and Rackspace to ensure Intel is the best for their workloads. But as everyone knows it is a competitive industry and they understand the need for ongoing experimentation.

More than 99% data centers are using Intel processors, According to a survey, to seek alternatives to Intel's data center chips, major tech giants; Google, Nvidia Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. formed the OpenPower Foundation, in 2013.

"Every line of software code that Google writes is now tested to make sure it can run on OpenPower or ARM-based chips, although Google's work with OpenPower is more advanced than its work with ARM", MacKean said.


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