Scripps National Spelling Bee has co-champs for the third year

Scripps National Spelling Bee has co-champs for the third year

The prestigious Scripps National Spelling Bee championship was tied for the third year in a row on Thursday night. JairamHathwar and NiharJanga were declared the co-winners of the national championship on Thursday.


Jairamis 13 years old and is the younger brother of 2014 co-champion SriramHathwar while Nihar is just 11 years old and is the youngest winner of the bee on record. Nihar, who is in fifth grade, had no words after winning the competition because of his thrill and excitement.


The Spelling Beecompetition was covered on ESPN and was much longer the earlier years. The competition looked tough after two consecutive ties and the two final contestants had to go through three times as many words as in the previous year. Jairam from Painted Post, New York misspelled two words but that was followed by mistakes from Nihar, of Austin, Texas and the competition continued.


Nihar celebrated by imitating the touchdown dance of his favourite athlete, Dez Bryant of Dallas Cowboys. Dez Bryant sent out a tweet congratulating the winner. On the other hand, Jairam was inspired by Jordan Spieth mainly in coming back after bad shots. Both the winners will receive a trophy and $45,000 in cash and prizes.