Microsoft Paying About $26 Billion for LinkedIn

Microsoft Paying About $26 Billion for LinkedIn

In its biggest tech acquisition, Microsoft is paying about $26 billion for LinkedIn, which comes to almost $59 per user.

Though, it's not like facebook but 443 million users of LinkedIn make sense for Microsoft's deal because the growth is almost twenty percent on a yearly basis.
For businesses it's a great platform when they want to recruit new employees or connect to clients or as a matter of fact just interact with people regarding business related issues. 
The deal works well for LinkedIn as hours after the announcement of the deal; LinkedIn saw its stocks soaring a remarkable sixty one percent.

It can be called phenomenal for LinkedIn, which has not created any big news with its leaping shares in recent times. As for Microsoft, it's a great move which will give it a stronger position it in enterprise cloud software market that's gathering speed.

The move reestablishes the new merger and acquisition trend which is becoming popular through the technology industry and the software companies.

About two weeks back, Salesforce bought Demandware in a $2.8 billion deal. The industry is anticipated to experience a wave of new deal-making which is poised to consolidate several software makers with the big names such as Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle and even private equity firms that have massive cash holdings.