Cabin Creek Listed for Sale on Craigslist; The Ghost Town can be Yours for $350,000

Home buyers, if you want to think big, think of buying an entire town for $350,000 in rural Adams County, Colorado.


If solitude is what you are looking for, there is a ghost town available in Colorado about 45 minutes from Denver. Cabin Creek, located just outside Byers, Colorado, is owned by James Johnson, who says, "Just kind of a cool place out in the middle of nowhere."


Now, that he plans to retire, he is hoping someone else will buy this property.


Cabin Creek may be called a ghost town, but the place has potential. The buyer can get a lot for $350,000 including almost five acres, an old gas station, a motel with eight rooms, a roadside restaurant cafe, two houses, an eight- space RV park along with a private shooting range.


Cabin Creek's present owner is selling the property through classified advertisements website Craigslist. For the first time Johnson drove past Cabin Creek about thirty six years back when he felt like owning it but the idea seemed crazy to many people.


Once upon a time, it was a great town. The owners of the town were a couple who ran the cafe and served the best fried chicken-steaks in the area. But then, a murder took place in the 70's and things changed. People abandoned the place giving it a neglected look, sealing Cabin Creek's fate as a ghost town.