Several Former and Current Fox News Female Workers Talk about their Harassment Experience at Fox News

Several Former and Current Fox News Female Workers Talk about their Harassment E

More number of women are spilling out their experience of sexual harassment at Fox News after Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit against Ailes.

Several present and former employees at Fox say that sexual harassment, threats and bullying have quite common at the Fox News Channel and are not a problem that's limited to Roger Ailes but is spread over other managerial levels. Recently 2st Century Fox announced that Ailes will be removed as Fox News's CEO.

In a recent report, the New York Times said it spoke to dozen women ex and presently employed with Fox news network and all of them said they have experienced either sexual harassment or intimidation at work personally.

One of the former Fox employees Rudi Bakhtiar said, she was approached by her then supervisor and now Washington Bureau Chief Brian Wilson, friends-with-benefits relationship in lieu of promotion, which she declined. It finally resulted in her termination and at that time, Ailes told her it was related to reasons linked to her performance. At that time, after a negotiation process she reached a settlement with Fox News which said she should never speak about the harassment publicly and the news network paid her an undisclosed amount.

Similar stories are being told by several women who work with Fox News, with some saying that to make progress u the ladder they are proposed to perform sexual favors and many say they faced constant harassment, belittling and crude remarks about their gender by the male staff at the workplace.