Sarah Palin pulling away from McCain campaign

Sarah Palin has definitely made an impact in the 2008 presidential elections – and, no matter what the outcome of the election may be, the Alaska governor has stood out on her own! In less than two months after being chosen as Republican John McCain’s running mate, Palin has become arguably the most polarizing figure in US politics.

Despite a hardening perception that she is ill-qualified to become commander-in-chief, she is drawing bigger crowds than McCain, on the campaign trail, and has become the main source of enthusiasm among grassroots conservatives.

Depression linked to preterm deliveries

A recent study by Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, which was published in the journal Human Reproduction indicates that depressed women were twice likely to deliver their babies before the term or less than 37 completed weeks of gestation.

The research was conducted on 791 women. More severe the depression, greater the chances of preterm delivery.

Placebos, a common practice among doctors US Doctors

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal indicates that among U.S. doctors, placebo treatments were a regular practice. The doctors did not hesitate to prescribe vitamins, sedatives or even antibiotics to patients although the medication would do no good to the patient’s health.

The prescription basically affects the patient’s peace of mind.

US weighs possibility of troubled mortgage loan guarantees

US lawmakers, feeling that the Bush administration has not shown “the required dedication” to curb mortgage foreclosures, urged the administration to step up aid to struggling homeowners. They opine that the Treasury’s plans to buy stakes in banks will not be enough to fix the housing collapse that underlies the financial crisis.

Strauss-Kahn cleared of wrongdoing in relationship

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has been cleared of harassment, favoritism and abuse of power, in connection with his relationship with a female subordinate, an IMF economist.

According to a fund director, who spoke earlier on condition of anonymity, the investigation focused on Strauss-Kahn’s brief, consensual affair in January 2008, with Piroska Nagy, wife of former Argentine central bank, President Mario Blejer.

The inquiry began after a complaint by a third person.


News in Focus

Tesla Model 3 outshines gas-powered counterparts to become world’s best-selling premium sedan

The all-electric Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling premium sedan worldwide by beating the gas-powered BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Palo Alto, California-based EV pioneer anno

US economy remains stable and will continue to grow

100 expert economists interviewed by Reuters announced that the US economy will grow this year.

Shooting near Flamingo Hotel & Casino leaves one person hospitalized, suspect still at large

In a yet another violent incident on the Las Vegas Strip (LVS), one person suffered gunshot wound and needed hospitalization last Thursday, law enforcement authorities confirmed.

Tesla EV running on Autopilot without driver involved in a fatal car crash in Houston

Tesla Motors has one of the most advanced autopilot system in its electric cars and there have been very few mishaps.

Nevada attorney Brittnie T. Watkins appointed to Nevada Gaming Control Board

A new member has been appointed to the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) as the influential board is developing plans to eliminate pandemic-related restrictions at casinos throughout the state.

Daimler CEO explains why the Mercedes 2022 EQS retains traditional side mirrors

Stuttgart, Germany-headquartered Mercedes has confirmed that EQS will come brimmed with high-tech specs and features, but it surprisingly will stick with traditional, bulky side mirrors.

Tesla’s Model 3 EV with 93-mile range being advertised on Canadian website

Palo Alto, California-headquartered electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is advertising the Model 3 electric sedan with a range of only 93 miles (roughly 150 km) on its official website in Ca