Gaming machines & money confiscated during raid at Flint Arcade casino in Michigan


The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has confirmed that the Flint Arcade, which is located at 3301 Corunna Road in Flint, was recently raided by a team of gaming regulators and law enforcement officials. The MGCB served a search warrant for the Flint Arcade on Wednesday evening this week (August 23rd) with help from Michigan State Police, and confiscated a number of illegal gaming machines and more than thirteen thousand dollars, which were reportedly generated from the illegal gambling operation.

The officers found 48 computers that were allegedly being used to play illegal electronic slot-style games in addition to two other machines that were also a part of the illegal gambling operation at the venue.

MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams said in a statement that illegal gambling operations need to be shut down to prevent people from falling prey to fraudulent schemes as well as to protect them from potential harm.

Speaking on the topic, Williams said, “Storefront casinos and illegal gambling pose significant risks to communities, both socially and economically. It is essential that these types of operations get shut down to prevent customers from falling prey to fraudulent schemes and protect them from potential harm.”

Williams also stressed that illegal gambling not only often attract criminal activities but also draw customers away from legal gaming businesses that constructively contribute to the state’s economy.

This is not the first time when the property in question has been raided due to allegedly illegal gambling operations. Last year, the Michigan Attorney General had issued a search warrant because of allegations that The Cellular Vault (the former business at the property), was involved in illegal gambling operations. That raid had resulted in confiscation of 43 computers and approx. $2,570 of earned money. Following that raid, The Cellular Vault was shuttered.

After the opening of the new gaming space at the same property, the residents raised concerns that illegal gambling would continue as only the name had changed. The recent raid has proved that they were right in raising such concerns as illegal gambling continued with slot-style gaming machines as earlier.

The Michigan Penal Code prohibits all kinds of gambling. The las of the state also makes it crystal clear that owning and operating illegal gaming machines or computers can result in criminal charges and/or hefty monetary fines.

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